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Arocafe is a premium coffee crafted from a carefully selected combination of arabica and robusta coffee beans. Our product undergoes a meticulous roasting process to capture a delightful combination of an enticing aroma and flavours.

Immerse yourself in the rich flavours and smooth texture of this exquisite blend.

We offer Instant coffee in various forms which includes; Spray-Dried Powder, Agglomerated, Freeze Dried, Roast & Ground Coffee and 3-in-1 premix.

Choose from a variety of packaging options to ensure that your products stay fresh and aromatic, whether you need retail or bulk packaging. Our options include jars, Cans, Pouches or Sachets, Big bags, Bulk boxes and Drums.

Our team offers comprehensive solutions that cover everything from design and manufacturing to private labelling. We are dedicated to meeting all of your market and packaging needs.

Brand: Arocafe, Select Café, Cebon Café and Arocafe 3-in-1

Available in 200g, 50g in tins, 50g in bottle jar, 2g sachets and 18g sticks

Carton size: 48x50g, 12x200g, 2gx120x10 & 32x18g